Access Shipping Warehouse

Access Shipping Warehouse

send goods door to door

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Delivery to Shipping Warehouse

-          Minimum Charges $600Suburbs Side Minimum Charges$700

         Delivery free $0.40/kg , $70/CBM $4/package/box.  Pay at the highest prices.

-          裝卸費用,如果使用卡板運作,重量 及 立方米 均以 75%計算 或 裝卸每一板收費為 $80

-          5.5tons Vehicle450cmLong 200cmWide210cmHighLorry door205cmHigh195cmWideloading under 1 tons goodsNo lift under loading 1.5tons

-         Overload 5.5tons Vehicle (Middle Vehicle) $1000Suburbs Side Minimum Charges$1200Loading 1.5tons  or over1.5 tons and 15CBM or over 15CBM

-         Heavy Vehicle Minimum charge:$1400Suburbs Side Minimum Charges$1600over 6000kg or 30CBM.

-          add to another point unloading goods: Over 5.5tons Vehicle $300/point5.5tons Vehicle $200/points , not include back and forth

-      Airport document fee $300/Once。

-      To raise a labor $600/3hr,then $100/hr。 ( Over 99package for a jobs raise one labor)


Office hoursMon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm

Day off, Sat, Sun & Public Holiday︰24hr On Call


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